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Hobby writer & book lover with passion for study & desire to share discoveries — Retired SAS programmer — Member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites.

I’m using the Medium Read List feature for research. I create a list for my topic. This way, the Medium articles I collect are together in a convenient place.


You don’t have to WANT to … you just need to DO it!

Do not get stuck, obsessed or stopped by the need to get it done. Just get it done. — Daily Motivator

If I only did what I felt like doing, my apartment would be condemned by health inspectors. I’d be as wide as I am tall because I’d just be eating processed junk food while reading Amish romances or playing Bejewelled. Exercise would be a 4-letter word. My soul would be choked in the chains of its disordered desires.

Since July, I’ve responded to stories and published two 10+ -minute articles and a few 3–6 minute ones. Now, I’d rather scour toilets than write another 3+ minute article. Instead, I could dole daily digital doses to the Medium machine through The Shortform or in my Gotta Minute publication.

Publish three per week? Can I “just DO it”?

Neither proud, nor happy

Receving vaccination on left — Unhappy masked face on left
Free From Canva

I’m a trusting person who’s easily influenced about things I don’t understand. When it comes to my Catholic faith, I’m immovable because it goes far beyond a set of beliefs. It’s a lived intimate relationship with Jesus where I’ve experienced transformative healing through the sacraments.

I suffered a lot of…

Thanks to those who commented on Stop Shaming the Unvaccinated

Receving vaccination on left — Unhappy masked face on left

Here in Canada, where most people are still masking, our numbers are considerably lower than they’ve been since our first lock-down. Once the authorities forever lift the masking mandate, those who remain unvaccinated will continue wearing a mask. Quebec is in the process of introducing a vaccine passport, but Ontario…

It’s not about how many devotional practices you perform— it’s about why you do any of them.

Woman reading Bible
Photo by Yosi Prihantoro on Unsplash

Since our first lockdown in March 2020, my devotional routine has become sparse and unsatisfying. I miss daily Mass and weekly Eucharistic Adoration so much! I can’t wear a mask for over 15 minutes without getting dizzy and nauseous. Watching Mass online and reciting the spiritual communion prayer is like…

The Importance of the Rosary

Grant Our Lady’s heart’s desire — give her Rosaries

Person praying rosary on right and lit candle on left
Photo by Trac Vu on Unsplash

Always say the Rosary. Say it well. Say it as often as you can! Be souls of prayer. Never tire of praying, it is what is essential. Prayer shakes the Heart of God, it obtains necessary graces! — St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

When we love and honor Mary, Jesus…

Kit’s September 2021 Featured Followers

In the spirit of my article Let’s “Curate” One Another, I decided to celebrate my first Medium anniversary by featuring 12 writers who followed me in my 12th month. The editor of An Idea was kind enough to publish both of these articles.

I aim to feature between 5 and…

Opting for Other Alternatives

Created in CanvaPro

I was inspired to write this when I read Quitting Merge Dragons and addictive smartphone games b @karenkliu. A friend repeatedly deletes and re-installs this game and I was curious whether I would want to reinstall it after getting bored or frustrated enough to delete it. …


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