If I have a choice, I’ll NOT give up work from home.

In Sam Westreich, PhD’s article Please, Account For Shadow Work, he outlines all the extra effort needed if we return to full-time work in the office. How many of us will actually be given a choice to continue with the work from home (WFH) model?

My situation is unusual since I only work 10 hours per week and live 10 minutes walk from the office.. As a SAS programmer, I have all I need at home and there’s usually a shortage of office space.

The shadow work” I avoid only includes dressing up, packing a snack. Everything else, I’d be doing anyway. As an introvert, I don’t miss the social part of work. Another great benefit of WFH is that I’m not tempted by the treats people bring in and I don’t feel obligated to attend work “lunches”.

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