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Kit’s 2022 Featured Followers —April to June

I’ve been publishing these featured followers in my Gotta Minute publication. My first time doing this was to celebrate my 1st year on Medium. I followed this up by encouraging Medium writers to “curate” one another. Instead of doing this monthly, I’ll “curate” those who follow me during the calendar quarter who have fewer than 400 followers of their own. Check out others I’ve curated in Gotta Minute.

Livewelljax with 2 followers

So why is it so easy to complain? I guess it’s human nature to be negative, to see the worst in things. For some, it’s a little easier than others. And maybe there’s something within us that has to always be right. — The antidote to surviving a relationship

Luke Visser with 21 followers

Horton suggests that the rise of board games is somehow tied to the rise of social media. He suggests that the contrast between the ultra high tech of our everyday lives and the analog or low-tech of the board game world depicts a sort of rebellion against the isolating trends of social media. “People crave that social connection — which makes this genre completely different than video games,” said Horton.

Why Did Adult Board games Explode In The Last Decade?

Billy Ombima with 65 followers

If there’s one thing that club players do wrong, they keep their chess knowledge in their heads instead of on paper. You need to engage your tactile sense to help you memorize quickly…


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