This “clap” thing utterly confuses me, a 3-month Medium newbie. Why did they change their tune on asking for claps? Since we’re not paid based on claps, why should a writer ask for them?

How meaningful are they if readers give them only because they think they’re supposed to? If there’s no request from the writer, wouldn’t claps that are given carry more weight? What about total newbies like I was who confuse. it with a toggle-style “Like” button?

What’s with the 1 to 50 range, now that they’re not tied to payment? Survey questions relating to satisfaction only give 5 options. Fifty offers too many choices. Time-crunched…



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Married 25 years. Retired SAS programmer from Statistics Canada, lived in Ottawa for 30+ years. Member of Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites since 2008.